I still

So sweet are her lips,

So sweet just to say,

Her name around others or alone.

I can feel her here,

In my chest, in my heart,

In that place she can always call home.

Then I watch the moon dance,

Across the night sky,

As it grows and it thins both in turn.

Though I still have not heard,

Her sweet voice with these ears,

But through all of this time I have learned.

There is a pain, kin to love,

And it’s quite the unique one,

Makes you wish to trade it for another.

Because with nothing we’ve dealt,

Is like to feel your heart melt,

In the hands of a one-sided lover.

So we pray and we struggle,

To somehow move on now alone,

With the memories of all of this that we’ve lost.

And we keep open our eyes,

As we still watch the skies,

And wonder if it was worth all it cost.

       Humble beginnings

I once walked with the king of death,

underneath the darkened night.

Then beside the starry sky,

he stumbled upon the queen of light.

With one so foul and the other divine,

They learned at once what it was like.

To somehow try to wrong a right.

Then in between the earth was filled,

by a race of man with their own will.

Then so long later, there came today,

an angel was born from Satan’s gates.

His name and I, we share the same,

along with strength and twisted fates.

I will not fail,

I will pray for him.

That he may live beyond dismay,

that he may learn to lose to win,

and see beyond a life of sin.

Though pain is there,

that’s always been,

we might still be able to save our kin.

There’s evidence,

just look within,

and find the beauty of her sentiment.

For now it is blacker than it’s ever been,

but the sun may someday shine again.

Stay strong regardless and fight beyond death,

then keep on after nothings left.

It’s our only chance,

it’s the final gift,

the beauty inside of a selfless wish.

And then pray for him,

the demon raised in heaven,

and never forget about the king of death.

                I know

A man born into lesser places,

then even hell itself.

Asking for God to save him,

from the love that he has felt.

Going back to where he came from,

before he ever fell.

Wanting to do what he knows is right,

and end this wretched spell.

He’s grown so tired,

of all of these ignorant people.

They live impaired to the point of disability,

and are full of so much evil.

They are not his equals,

and that’s how he knows he’s been misplaced.

Because when it comes to heaven,

he’s had far more than just a taste.

He knows that he’s made a mess of things,

and played in the wrong place.

But he also knows that he is better,

than the sick and broken way.

So please keep faith,

because he still does.

And that’s proof that you can too.

One day it will all be over,

and God will give the chance to choose.


Even without you I will keep on living,

I believe I can do that.

And I think you are forgiven,

when I see you it makes the ghosts of our past come alive,

with all of the memories of the past that I’ve hidden.

I think I’ll be fine,

because I’m a soldier.

I’m a tank,

like a big, gigantic armadillo.

I’ve slept on your leaf laden carpet,

and cooked by the fires of your Willow.

I hope you know one day I’ll leave you behind,

a Phantom to wander the halls of my mind.

to not move on is to live half alive,

and I’m over that.

I’m through with it,

this time my life will be mine.

             greater way

Beautiful like golden shores and milky banks and a crystal sea,

beautiful like her hair goes when the wind blows on a summer’s breeze.

I've lived a life of pain so I can appreciate such things as these,

a memory remains, the understanding of how much more could be.

The clouds they serve as walls, for all is safe inside this airy place,

with food and drink and finer things for all of those whom feel this grace.

I've loved this world and shared it to the best of my understanding,

and even got to feel the love of a woman with an angel’s face.

Though your life will not turn out just quite the way you planned it,

and the sands of time will wipe away your life’s footprint without a trace.

You must keep faith,

and strive to love with all that you possibly can.

Then smile more and pass it on,

until we reach the promise lands.


Why can we not see,

what is best for ourselves?

And sometimes when we do,

we still fight it like hell.

Is it madness, is it proof,

that man is so fallible?

Is it an effect from the existence,

of this world that we know?

Sometimes we see truth,

and we struggle to keep hold.

Sometimes we do the same with lies,

and still on we go.

Then the clock keeps on counting,

as it ticks along slow.

Stealing time we will never,

once again get to know.

I understand, at least I think,

but it doesn’t seem fair.

Because so many do not,

and it seems no one cares.

Live along as you will,

but know it is sin to waste this life.

I can see through the fog of distraction,

so it may, one day, still be mine.

               Can’t help

I’d love to make you happy,

because I hate to see you sad.

The times when I’m with you,

are the best moments I have.

Even though we only have a few,

and I’m afraid these days are numbered.

When in my restless mind,

I can’t help but hope and wonder.

What else could be discovered,

between me and you, girl?

Because I think about you all the time,

just like the free world.

You see, we’ve got a sweet and sour relationship,

but I love the way it hurts.

When I’m with you it tastes like freedom,

but when I’m not it’s like I’m cursed.

Little blessings that come in bursts,

every single time you smile.

It makes that barbwire disappear,

even if only for a while.

So just know I hold you here,

and can’t help but to hope.

That I’m somewhere in your heart too,

and that you won’t let me go.

          Can’t be stopped

On a mission to fulfill my destiny,

even knowing what that shall be.

To fight the skies and smite the seas,

befriend them both after the fees,

are paid to play this game of life,

so I can truly deserve what’s right.

I’ll feel the lows before the highs,

and appreciate when mine arrives.

On these bumps along the road,

I might stumble, but still on I go.

Along to where my best belongs,

because I have heard the angel songs.

Beautiful incredibility,

I know that’s what my life shall be.

So thank you Lord for blessing me,

to be the one who still can see.

I’ll change it all from wrong to right,

and hold my queen throughout the night.

Together we will turn the tides,

I can’t be stopped,

this life is mine.


No sugar in this place,

seas of wine run dry.

Only cloudless life without smoke,

so many doors without keys.

Chokes without tokes,

as days pass by.

Yet here I am,

I remain unchanged.

Stronger than your average life.

Ready to move out from the sorrow,

to the edge of everyday strife.

To the realities of more than enough,

because plenty just won’t do this time.

I need such a higher decree to satisfy,

these dreams I keep in my mind.

Gifts from a benevolent being,

to the heart that I have deep inside.

I must succeed,

I must succeed.

Because I can’t count on anyone else.

So I’ll pray for the day,

that love defeats hate,

and my health can harbor my pride.

       An unfinished story

Where there was once light,

now shadows dwell.

I watched as angels burned,

and fell down to hell.

Their bodies charred,

and their wings but ash.

As the evils begin to win in this world,

but the most precious thing,

to ever be had,

is the love of their God,

and the strength in his hands.

So as they physically fell,

they returned unto him.

In time they can heal,

then turn back and fight sin.

It is faith that will win,

either abandoned or still kept.

They'll know in the end,

in the few who are left.

So, as I pray that I may,

stand alongside these kin.

Then turn the world back,

to how it should’ve always been.


        A delicious poison

With the beauty of a night flower,

blooming only for me and the moon.

Your skin glowing beneath these stars,

And piercing through the gloom.

I smell your scent like sweet incense,

Fueling the fires within.

 It's like touching clouds,

when I use my mouth,

to taste your silken skin.

 heavenly delightful,

A seemingly unholy beauty.

 for it is too great to be good.

An ambitious princess from the darkest places,

Of the lost and lonely woods.

Are you real or are you fake,

Or are you both at once?

I feel like I have been spellbound,

 to want something this much.

 I fiend for you.

 Those curves and edges,

 your body's sweet surprise.

 If I cannot have you soon,

 I think that I might die.

In truth I will not, I cannot,

 but this magic needs to stop.

 Why would I want that?

 What was I saying?

 I seem to have lost my train of thought.