Annabella is the worst plague that humanity has ever seen. An estimated 85% of the Earth's population is already dead. The world that has been left behind in the wake of her devastation is an unholy and evil one. Some good people still remain, though they are few and far in between. It is the predators of humankind, the vile and the wretched which have thrived on the remains. Shane is struggling to keep it all together as his family slowly dies off around him. The realities of life have become that of a more sinister degree and he knows he cannot give in to the darkness. His wife and daughter are depending on it.


    Her lover's garden

She walked amongst the garden pews,

to smell the rose and honeydew.

She walked under the waning moon,

milky white with sweet perfume.

The restless chirped and sang their songs,

and cold wind kissed her hair and skin.

Although alone, well she was not,

for in her heart she still held him.

The one who left and disappeared,

or maybe died for all she knew.

But he was there inside her mind,

the night she walked under the pews.

A somber feeling enveloped her,

keeping one safe on a mission’s stead.

She turned to see that dark shadow,

first pricks of fear inside her head.

The yew it wasn’t far away,

and in its bark, carved both their names.

Something kept her feet at bay,

instinct or hate she could not say.

Hate for him or for the dark,

though that was what had brought her here.

She leaned to gain a better look,

then felt the warmth upon her ear.

Jump and gasp,

too scared to scream.

Then turned to see,

the source of breath. 

But only there, the roses gleamed,

Underneath what moon was left.

A thousand drums rang in her ears,

In such silence, the heart’s so loud.

And only then did she realize,

as it began to ebb, there was no sound.

The crickets and beetles and buzzing flies,

or whatever at this hour kept.

Had stopped singing their lullabies,

she never felt more by herself.

That’s by herself, but not alone.

Because something else was in this place.

She turned to look towards her home,

but felt she’d never win that race.

She would be caught or her path blocked,

far too late to scream and shout.

A horror dawned about this garden,

with one way in and one way out.

A strength then tried to flicker to life,

but despair had long ago pulled her down.

If only her love had never left,

she thought, just when she heard the sound.

A ghost appeared both small and low,

slinking bright out the dark shadow.

And as it walked she realized,

it was to a cat, this fear she owed.

Heart beat again and cheeks brought to red,

as she pet the purring by her feet.

But then she touched on something wet,

the cat no longer seemed so sweet.

Her nervous giggling stopped at once,

and the beast looked up into her eyes.

She jumped again, though this time ran.

Straight into the arms of her demise,

He kissed her lips and held her tight.

She recognized her lover’s taste,

Then found she could not breathe again,

and when she looked he had no face.

 A rusty stain

The blood turned brown when it dried on the wall,

and I still hear sounds when I walk down the halls.

The house is haunted and I think you should know,

that I don’t feel scared when I’m there all alone.

You see, I have grown through the passing of time,

and I’m still much stronger in my heart than my mind.

I feel I’ll be fine, because I can’t help but dream,

I’ve become almost used to the sound of the screams.

I see finally, without the black veil,

and I’ve chosen to face all my past memories.

All the pain and deceit and the raw misery,

knowing damn well, that it all made me me.


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